Spanish Bureaucracy Stifles Scientific Research
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  • Pete

    Mr. Mead, if we were to be honest, we’d have to admit that Spain has little in the way of scientific or technologically expertise.

    One effect of this is that such a society allows petty bureaucrats to call the shots because there is little at risk to “science” as there is no real science to be jeopardized.

    What passes for science in Spain (and most other countries) is just trying to understand what has been discovered and/or developed in America. It’s all catch-up.

    Back to the stiffing bureaucrats: The shots they call are slanted to their own self-interest. This appears as mountains of red tape, onerous and arbitrary rules & regulations, and the expansion of the bureaucracy.

    • Andrew Allison

      An extraordinarily xenophobic and totally inaccurate comment. The Renaissance, which started 300 years before America came into being, is regarded as the great age of scientific discovery, and built on the Greek discoveries 2000 years earlier. As the post clearly demonstrates, the talent is still there but being stifled by bureaucracy. I should point out that NASA, where the young lady is going to work, was built on the discoveries and development of scientists in Germany. And that Einstein did his seminal work before taking up residence in the US in 1933.

      • Pete

        Earth to Andy. The obvious context I’m speaking of is the modern ear — say post WWII.

        • Andrew Allison
          • Pete

            Let’s be ovbjective when discussing Spain’s scientific prowess.

            In the last, say, 75-years, how many Nobel Prizes has Spain won in any of the sciences or medicine?

            How many technological innovations have come out of Spain in that time frame??

            What percent of world wide patents have been awarded to Spain?

          • Andrew Allison

            “What passes for science in Spain (and most other countries)”

          • Andrew Allison

            Engage brain, or at least Google, before operating fingers.

  • wigwag

    Americans should be very proud of the way the United States Government funds scientific research. Although (to use Professor Mead’s nomenclature) the American research funding enterprise is “blue” on steroids its remarkably efficient, non-bureaucratic and relatively apolitical.

    The United States Government funds more scientific research than any other entity in the known universe; for the most part it does a remarkably good job, especially compared to European and Asian nations.

    Yes, there are many things that could be improved and made more efficient and there are scores of areas where significant cost savings could be found. But overall, there’s a reason that America’s scientific establishment is the envy of the world; it because its the best. It’s the American Government at its best.

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