China’s Communist Party Vows Deep, "All-Round" Reforms
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  • Thirdsyphon

    “At first glance that looks like some pretty bold language to deploy on such a sensitive topic.”

    At first, second, third, and all subsequent glances it looks like a bowl of such bland, meaningless platitudes and pablum that even *our* politicians would blush at serving it up.

    To the extent that Bo Xilai still has friends in high places, that’s actually *bad* news for the west. He was an old-school Communist, and the only “reforms” that he’d be in favor of would be of the backwards-moving variety.

    Also, China’s goal of building a “moderately prosperous society” seems so modest as to be almost alarming. . . it’s a turn of phrase designed to either placate the desperately poor or warn the conspicuously wealthy. Probably both.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Bo was an extremely popular politician, and was considered a serious challenge to the existing hierarchy largely on the basis of his populist (and you are entirely correct, old-school communist) appeal. Xi, on the other hand, has no real power base outside of his ability to manuver within the upper echelons of the hierarchy, and is attempting to craft one in an unholy alliance with the security forces and some of the old-school ideologues. So none of those should come as a surprised to anyone paying attention, though I agree with you that it is bad news indeed.
      Of course it is MOSTLY bad news for the Chinese people, who are likely to be forced to endure one of their periodic episodes of internal conflict, which in turn will likely undo much of their progress in the last few decades. With any luck at all, they won’t lash out while doing so, and the misery (and death) will be confined to their own unfortunate country.

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