California Steps Back From The Ledge
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Blue Model Democrat controlled states, are raising taxes and regulating everything they can think of, the Red Model Republican controlled states are lowering taxes, implementing right to work and forcing the labor gangs to collect their own dues. The Blue Model states are losing population to the Red Model states, and the Blue Model states are growing slower than the national average while the Red Model states are growing faster than the national average. As time passes the Red Model states will begin to pull farther and farther ahead, as the most powerful force in the Universe (compounding growth) drives Red Model states ahead while brain and talent draining the Blue Model states.
    California finances may be good for the moment with the recent massive tax increase voted for in November 2012, but giving Democrats more money to spend is like giving a crack head more drugs and telling him, he has to make it last all month.

  • cubanbob

    If a number of economists are right we are heading for another recession so it’s premature to crow about California getting out of its hole.

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