Obama’s Higher Ed Plan: Close, but No Cigar
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  • Corlyss

    Federal aid=a gateway drug

  • Joe Eagar

    I don’t think encouraging universities to focus on potential high earners is a bug.

    I think it’s a feature. At the moment, American society demands that everyone who wants to be middle class attend college, whether they (or their occupation) benefits from having a university education or not.

    One way to reverse this trend is to cut off lower-earner students. The labor market should adjust by accepting more people without college degrees, basing employment more on demonstrated skills than pieces of paper.

    Thinking of higher education as a right is very tempting. But in America, higher education is far too often viewed as a means of enforcing class segregation. The right to attend college has become a compulsion.

  • Jim__L

    So, what kind of world is Obama creating?

    – With college funding policy, high-achieving academics will be sought out by colleges and low-achievers will be cast into the outer darkness. (Ironic that Poli Sci majors might be among them, although lobbying will likely be a high-earning growth industry.)

    – With health-care policy, “high-achieving” fitness obsessives will be sought out by “results-oriented” health plans, and lower “achievers” will be cast into the outer darkness.

    It is absolutely no surprise that the US government is being reshaped to give preferment to this kind of Credentialed Elite at the expense of everyone else (who, in the minds of the Credentialed Elite, can go hang.)

    I wonder when people will realize that those being preferred here are a tiny fraction of the electorate — perhaps no more than 1% — and will actually be fairly easy to topple once the majority figures out how badly we’re being abused.

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