Common Core Attacked From Both Sides
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  • Bill Cavanaugh

    In the next to last paragraph, it should be Principals, those who lead schools, not Principles, hopefully that which is taught!

  • Corlyss

    Ever since the Feds got involved in curriculum, there’s been a decline in the standards and the system’s ability to educate students to even a minimum level of comprehension. The reliance on tests to demonstrate the effectivity of the curriculum, indeed the reliance on any measurement standards, has led to the sort of waiving of standards because so many kids fail the standard. That has been precisely the same characteristic of the civil service exam ever since the civil rights pimps discovered the exam. The end result is a “who’s kidding whom” sentiment that the tests are useless for measuring anything because as soon as they eliminate the first student, suddenly the test is suspect and the results are thrown out. The constant search for the “right mix” has left us with an adult population progressively dumber than their predecessors.

  • johngbarker

    So much of child’s academic achievement is a product of family background, especially the education level of the parents, that remedial education of underprepared students may never be sufficient to close the gap. Is it really good policy to attempt to make every student a scholar or scientist, or do we need to take look at educating students for careers in which they may have a decent chance for success.

  • Pete

    ” ….we would prefer a model that grants teachers more authority and responsibility to make decisions about curricula and teaching methods.”

    Good God, no.

    Local standards should be set by the community, not the hired help.

    And besides, public school teachers are themselves the product of a Mickey Mouse education by virtue of being education majors, which, according to standardized tests,rank at the bottom of the barrel of the collegiate world.

    Relying on teachers to set standards would be the be a case of the blind (teachers) leading the blind (the students).

    The one thing the public school teachers excel in is looking out for their own self-interest through their union activities. Fact.

    • Boritz

      Completely straight.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Where in the constitution is Federal authority over education enumerated? The entire Education Dept. is in violation of the 10th Amendment.

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

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