Creatures: An Agent-based Model
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  • JDW

    Granted, you’re not the only person I know with abilities and interests spanning politics or political philosophy, on one hand, and technical subjects, on the other. However, I was still surprised to read here that you’re sufficiently interested and proficient in OO software development, Java, and Processing to have developed this simulation. If one may ask, how did it come about?

    • Hi JDW, hi Francis.

      I just came here to ask the same thing 🙂 Is this a spanning of some previous research or a hobby?

  • ScottA

    Just a quick heads-up – George Mason University has a really nice ABM tool (MASON) that’s way simpler than compiling full models with Java. NetLogo is even easier for building exploratory models – really quick to learn, don’t have to program a GUI and can capture these interactions nicely. Any thoughts on the applicability of ABM to bureaucracy or the study of bureaucracy? Something I’ve been interested in for a while.

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