The Shame of Federal Student Loans
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  • bpuharic

    Seems to be a pattern here. The US is becoming a company store

    Young people saddled with huge debt

    Middle class wage earners going decade after decade with stagnant wages

    Half of all middle class people have no 401k’s, and the average value of those for wage earners 55-64 is less than 100K

    The middle class is becoming the new feudal class.

  • Nick M.

    Anyone else see a slight bit of irony of this post *right* after a post soliciting for unpaid intern positions which require applicants to be graduates (rather than those currently enrolled), or is it just me?

    • crocodilechuck

      No, its not just you.

      Irony stands mute.

    • Jane the Actuary

      And was it just coincidence that I couldn’t get the comment form to load for the intern-soliciting post, or were comments disabled, so that we readers can’t directly criticize the offering of unpaid internship positions? There seem to be periodic court cases which, I hope, taken together will eventually kill the concept of the unpaid internship, especially in cases such as this, when the intern could be paid as a stringer/freelancer for their contributions rather than at an hourly rate, so it wouldn’t be an all-or-nothing deal.

  • Doug

    Direct result of the exorbitant cost of college

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