Norks Blink, Kaesong Factory to Reopen
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  • Thirdsyphon

    If there are Chinese leaders who are hoping for a reunification of North and South Korea on the North’s terms, they’re sadly delusional. The reunification of the Korean Peninsula, if it happens, will look much more like the reunification of Germany. That’s just what happens when a vibrant, prosperous, functioning economy and state get blended with a dysfunctional, desperately poor kleptocracy. Once the Northerners (I refuse to call them Norks) get a taste of what life is like under capitalism, and how much they’ve been lied to, they’ll be the bitterest foes that China has ever known. America will be asked to stay and help Korea defend a new DMZ. . this time across the river from China.

  • bigfire

    As the drug lord villain in Tom Hank’s old comedy “Volunteers” can atest, Money is Money . I guess the fact that the new leader will get no money finally hits the bottom line.

  • Anthony

    Decision must be seen through lens of cultural values and regional expectations – China’s fundamental strategy vis-a-vis North Korea has probably changed little.

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