US Competing with Canada to Export LNG
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  • AD_Rtr_OS

    When it appeared that the US was suffering a severe shortage of NG, and imports were being considered, the “usual suspects” put up a howl and clamor over how dangerous LNG facilities were. They will repeat the same lies about constructing those facilities for export as they did for import.

  • Corlyss

    Our friendly neighborhood star sent us a little reminder of who’s the 800 lb. gorilla when calculating atmospheric effects on earth. Wish the AGW hysterics would take notice, but they won’t.

  • Atanu Maulik

    “Energy-intensive industries are lobbying hard in Congress to prevent American gas from going abroad..”_____What if the same argument is made about the products of those same industries ?

  • Thirdsyphon

    The “net positive effect” of increased LNG exports on the U.S. economy won’t be equally shared. To quote from the same report:

    “How increased LNG exports will affect different socioeconomic groups will depend on their income sources. . . Overall, both total labor compensation and income from investment are projected to decline, and income to owners of natural gas resources will increase.”

    We all have our own policy goals and priorities, but I’m personally a lot more concerned about “total labor compensation and income from investment” than I am about maximizing “income to owners of natural gas resources.”

  • vepxistqaosani

    Given the decades and tens of millions of dollars necessary to complete the various impact statements and litigation resulting therefrom, can’t an argument be made that we’re better off out-sourcing LNG plants to Canada?

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