Russia in Denial over Shale Boom
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  • bigfire

    One thing still in Russia’s favor (for now) is their undisputed proximity to their primary customer (Europe). It’s still not practical to ship natural gas long distant, compressed or otherwise with anything other than pipeline. But with many other gas project coming online (Israel for example), alternative source of Gas is coming.

    • Atanu Maulik

      A VAST amount of oil and gas is about to hit the market. Putin’s dreams of a resurrected Russian empire is going to drown in it.

  • Atanu Maulik

    Denial. The first stage of grief.

  • Tom Servo

    The problem that all of these countries have is that in order to have an American style oil shale boom, you need to have American style rights of property ownership, and an American style oil and gas infrastructure composed of thousands of individual companies and tens of thousands of investors all working and competing to achieve the greatest, most efficient level of production.

    This is why China and Russia, especially, will find it nearly impossible to recreate America’s success in this area.

  • nickshaw

    I’m sorry, we’re giving Russia advice why, again?
    Europe will only get out from under the Russian gas boot when they give up the “green” nonsense and start drilling in earnest.
    The Ukraine just needs to change it’s system entirely. It probably has huge reserves but, who will risk major investment there?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Fracking is expensive, and Russian gas is still available the cheap way of just drilling a hole in the ground. So what economic reason do the Russians have for developing their oil shale? None!
    Russian gas will always be cheaper than American gas in Europe, especially since American gas must be liquefied and shipped, while Russian gas is piped. Medvedev is quite right to do what is most profitable, and when it becomes profitable to develop Russian shale reserves, they will still be there and the technology will have matured and become more efficient.

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