NSA Reaches Out to Hackers
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  • Andrew Allison

    Just one teeny problem here: The Guardian released information showing the the General was making the least dishonest speech he could.

  • cubanbob

    Until the likes of a Snowden can’t get access to the keys of the kingdom maybe they should stop gathering the data. Who knows how many spies are working in the NSA.

  • Philopoemen

    The central problem here is (and this is a massive generalization) that hackers are generally anything but Statists, and are thus not predisposed to help make the State any more powerful.

  • ljgude

    I would prefer to be giving the NSA my undiluted support. But they look more like an incompetent bureaucracy than a security organization. I don’t trust any of our three letter organizations because I think they are much more concerned with their own power over the people than with serving the people of the US.

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