South Korean Nationalists Bare Anti-Japan Feeling at Soccer Game
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  • Tim Godfrey

    The pathetic part is the historical narrative which these Koreans think is “the truth” is just as biased and self serving as the nonsense dreamed up by Japan’s nationalists.

    People convinced of their own self righteousness are the most dangerous people in the world because logic and rational thought are discarded.

  • Thirdsyphon

    I’d be incredibly annoyed if I spent money to get good seats at an international soccer game and the people around me passed a gigantic banner over my head that blocked my view.
    But incidents like this really increase the prestige of the United States more than that of either of the nations participating in them. America is the glue that allows a disparate coalition of rivals like South Korea and Japan to hold together to prevent the rise of China as regional hegemon. Those nations have no historical reasons to trust or believe in each other, but they do trust us.

    • Nick Bidler

      It might be more accurate to say that they distrust each other less than they distrust the U.S., or that they trust the U.S. to act consistently selfishly rather than holding a grudge.

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