Entrenched Interests Try to Squash Retail Clinics
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  • Thirdsyphon

    I’d say the AAP has half a point at most. For an hourly worker trying to coordinate a doctors’ visit for a sick child, the real benefit of these walk-in clinics is the time that they save.

  • rheddles

    AAP doesn’t have even half a point. When I take my child to his group pediatric practice, I see a different doctor half the time depending on who’s in and available. The days of Marcus Welby are history. Doctors have become employees, not professionals.

    The key to this new environment is getting the appropriate information to the clinician on a timely basis. I have a lot more confidence in the ability of Walgreens, CVS or (shudder) Walmart to implement an effective information system than the AAP or HHS.

  • Maynerd

    Lack of continuity of care for all patients, young and old, is a growing problem. As independent physician practices whither and die, and employee physician models become the norm, there are much higher rates of physician turnover. Both within hospital systems and communities.
    No doubt PA’s and NP are cheaper but there is also no doubt their level of training, experience, and expertise is lower. You get what you pay for.

  • bannedforselfcensorship

    People using these facilities have kids with minor stuff – not leukemia.

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