Bill Gates Tries Thorium
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  • wigwag

    One can only hope that any thorium reactors that Mr. Gates’ company ultimately produces will have fewer bugs and idiosyncrasies than the Windows operating systems that Microsoft markets.

    • Corlyss

      Wag, you are sooooooo baaaaaad . . .

      • Kavanna

        What will the Blue Screen of Death look like, in this case?

        Sold “as is,” with no warranties, implied or otherwise! 🙂

      • Kavanna

        Just don’t get Steve Ballmer involved.

  • Bill_Woods

    “Thorium … can’t be used to make weapons-grade radioactive isotopes.”

    It can, it’s just harder than by the traditional means to make weapons-grade U-235 or Pu-239.

    • Nick Bidler

      And when we say ‘harder,’ we mean ‘you need something like 50-100 times the raw material for U or Pu to get the same amount of fissile material.’

      • Kavanna

        It would be difficult to make a weapon of it, although you could make a large mound of it explode.

  • Corlyss

    It’s great to have someone of Gates’ heft talking positively about nuke energy and how it can be done more safely so we don’t lose that infinite capacity.

  • bpuharic

    While I’m an advocate of nuclear power, let’s clear the table and discuss the fact that, while WRM has been on a tear against the subsidized solar power industry, noted arch right wing economist Veronique de Rugy has pointed out nuclear power is tremendously expensive and might not be practical absent massive subsidies. Let’s not pretend Obama’s got it all wrong in looking at other ways to develop energy.

    • BradMueller

      He certainly is wrong on picking winners.

      Besides. If gates wants to spend his own money on thorium who am I to stop him?

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