Fallout from China’s Barbaric One Child Policy
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  • Corlyss

    Governments, particularly autocratic governments, never admit they made mistakes. It would be so much easier if they would just do that. If the policy does hit the dustbin, it will be after years of selective waivers to big cities where residents are less inclined to have a lot of kids anyway. They’ve already waived the policy for Shanghai. It will most likely remain the policy for the hinterlands, where the residents really need a lot of kids to help with the work.

  • There are parallels between China’s one-child policy and the American “War on Drugs”: both have created vast bureaucracies with tentacles throughout the country, both are prone to egregious excesses and have few checks on their power – and both are supported by policies that have been historically popular, although this is changing.

    Many Chinese leaders recognize the looming demographic disaster that the one-child policy has produced, but are afraid to take on the one-child policy, as its bureaucracy is deep and entrenched throughout China.

  • skhpcola

    This is a preview of our future. Once Obamacare fails and government takes over the entire healthcare industry–the ultimate goal of the central planners behind this mess–they’ll feel the need to tell us how many children we may have. It’s the “people’s” money, so they’ll feel justified in shoe-horning themselves into the vanishingly-small remainder of our lives that are free. Leftists are totalitarians at their very core.

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