Senate Sensibly Ties Student Loans To Markets
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  • Andrew Allison

    I guess we should be grateful that Warren won election to the Senate, where the damage she can do is limited to posturing.

  • Bruce

    This bill made sense. But if market rates go up and the student loan rates go up, there will be whining and grandstanding.

    • Thirdsyphon

      That’s probably true. . but all that would interrupt is Congressional whining and grandstanding about something else.

  • Kavanna

    Warren’s whole political career is a cheap gimmick, although she herself isn’t: a wealthy member of the 1% and a professor at that ultra swank law school on the banks of the Charles (or nearby, anyway).

    Warren doesn’t know anything about finance; she just parrots whatever she last read. I’ve tried to read her popular books, and they’re a joke. She grapples with serious themes, but she can’t understand cause and effect and misses very obvious things. Of course, the “research” is lifted — in garbled form — from other, more informed academics.

    Her promotion to and at Harvard Law School was partly based on her made-up identity as a native American.

    An inflated and very overrated figure.

  • Alex Weiner

    “Markets” in the sense of the word that you intend to use it do not set bond yields. The fed does…

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