Fact-Checking Gasland Part II
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  • MWFlorida

    When one side regularly take ridiculous positions not backed by facts or science, can there be a middle ground? Can you compromise with extremists?

    You can’t reason with religious environmentalists.

    • Jeff Jones

      That’s because they are less interested in the environment than they are in damaging capitalism. Notice they loved natural gas until it showed potential for massive wealth generation and threatened their attempts at worldwide redistribution.

  • Atanu Maulik

    When does the true faithful concern themselves with facts ?

  • ljgude

    My reason tells me that given the scale of our industry world wide we could really do the environment serious damage, but the greens have lied so much and so often that I don’t trust anything they say. Because a lot of them are watermelons and trying to impose a Marxist vision – which they cannot admit has failed – there is very little progress on identifying real problems much less working on actual solutions.

  • Nick Bidler

    I would be more concerned with environmentalism if environmentalists were not such apocalyptic doomsayers who abandon an energy source as a ‘green alternative’ as soon as it becomes economically feasible.

    Remember the days when Natural Gas was the cleaner, greener alternative to coal power, but, darnit, those evil corporations just don’t care about the environment?

    I don’t like trying to kick a ball through moving goalposts.

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