"We Will Take Back Japan"
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  • Philopoemen

    I almost laughed out loud when reading the kamikaze quote. This is so absurd it reads like The Onion.

  • Pete

    Talk about being counter-productive. The kamikazes were one reason Truman decided to nuke Japan. He figured the Japanese were too fanatical to be reasoned with otherwise.

  • wigwag

    It seems to me that the current political direction that Japan is taking is a major net plus for the United States. The U.S. won the Cold War not by ourselves but with our trilateral partners, Japan and Western Europe. With the collapse of the Japanese economy and the increasingly leftist orientation of Europe, American strength was negatively impacted. Europe is more pathetic than ever; its economy is in a shambles because of its ignorant austerity program, its defense spending is falling off a cliff and it is more divided and dispirited than ever. Just about the only thing headed up in Europe is the EU’s sactimonious attitude.

    The United States should be delighted that at just the moment our European “partner” is more useless than ever that our Japanese partner has rediscovered its pride while beginning to fix its economy. Japan’s increasing military expenditures means that the United States has an ally willing to spend a little something on its national defense.

    Given that Europe appears to be in extremis, a revitalized Japan should put a smile on all our faces even if for political reasons Japanese politicians occasionally make some stupid comments about World War II.

  • Anthony

    Pretty bellicose posturing. Are these aggresive statements undergirded by U.S. specific American-Japan alliance in the region?

    • rheddles

      One party has to be the good cop, one the bad. Obama has abandoned the position of bad cop and Abe is just picking up the slack.

  • Tim Godfrey

    So if a US soldier sacrifices himself by jumping on a grenade – is he a hero or a lunatic?

    How about a soldier left behind to defend a hopeless position so others can escape?

    Why doesn’t a soldier that sacrifices his life to take out a enemy warship deserve the same respect?

    It is not possible to understand what is going on in Japan today if one insists on filtering information through western prejudices.

    • Jim__L

      Look at it through the filter of history… in the era of the kamikaze, what were the Japanese fighting to preserve? The successful prosecution of the war (from Japan’s side), and the militaristic government policies that were driving Japan to destruction. What were they fighting to prevent? The ability of the US to impose our postwar regime on the Japanese home islands.

      I’ll grant you, it would take a great leap of faith for a patriotic Japanese to believe that what actually happened under the MacArthur administration would be what they could expect. Just look at how the Japanese treated the defeated Koreans or Chinese. (Defeat on the European Eastern Front was grim, as well.) Hindsight is 20/20.

      At a certain point, though, the courage to accept a hopeful peace is more useful to your loved ones (and therefore more honorable) than the courage to take as many b…..ds as you can down with you.

  • Sonno Joi!

  • cubanbob

    Bluster is cheap. Rearming is very expensive. With its debt and growth can Japan credibly rearm?

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