Abe Visits Disputed Islands, Threatens Preemptive Strikes
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  • Jim__L

    Um. Is Japan’s WWII battle-flag photoshopped in there, or was the picture taken from a Japanese ship flying that flag?

    If I recall correctly, they were banned from using that flag at the end of the war.

    • Japan’s naval ensign does look like this. It was re-established as Japan’s naval ensign in 1954. Note that the “Rising Sun” flag is slightly different: the naval ensign has the “sun” slightly offset from the center on the pole-side of the flag, while the “Rising Sun” WWII army flag has the “sun” in the exact middle.

      (Oops – noticed that Tim Godfrey answered the question above – sorry for redundancy.)

  • Pete

    Somebody ring up the Vatican to get Pope Francis’ take on any possible preemptive attack.

  • Tim Godfrey

    The Japanese Naval Ensign is similar but not identical (see wikipedia Japan Flag). The WW2 flag is also not banned but it is not used by government agencies.

  • Waterman199364

    Modern Japanese history involves three wars started with preemptive strikes.
    In 1895 with China, 1904 (05?) with Russia, and 1941 with the west. (Pearl Harbor).
    Currently I see no war near but I would treat all statements of preemptive strikes by the Japanese seriously.

  • Tim Godfrey

    Seems to me that every war that was ever started was started with a ‘preemptive strike’ as its justification (wasn’t the Iraq War a ‘preemptive strike’?).

    The real question is whether Japan has any desire for territorial expansion like it did in the past. I would say that there is absolutely no desire for that even among the most extreme of Japan’s right wing. A similar statement cannot be said of China which has clearly indicated its desire to annex the territory of its neighbors. Japan’s response is a reaction to that.

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