The Next Texas Shale Bonanza
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  • Corlyss

    Thank God most of these sources are in Red states. That gives me hope. Places like Pennsylvania and NY are lost causes.

    • rheddles

      Never hear of the Marcellus Shale? They’re drilling it in PA.

      • Ronald W. Mann

        We were drilling there in the early 80s not really anything new just unknown to the general public

      • Corlyss

        Yes, I know. I believe some of it slops over into NY, which is why I mentioned the two together. Pa’s also the home of the lawsuits about groundwater contamination. It’s a blue state and I’m waiting for the EPA to link hands with the envirothugs in Pa. and shut them all down. I hope I am pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t happen.

        • rheddles

          Prepare for surprise. PA is a purple state (Gov-R, State Sen-R, State House-R) and the Marcellus is in the red part. The poor farmers there are going all Clampett and unless there is a Valdez type event, they will keep pumping. Drilling has really died off because of the price, but when it goes up or can be exported, it will restart. The lawsuits are of the nuisance variety from the wackos and are unlikely to succeed.

          NY is a different story.

    • Atanu Maulik

      As the boom rolls on, do you really believe that the blues will be able to resist the temptation ? With economies stalling and businesses running away, how will they keep buttering their votebanks ?

      • Corlyss

        Yes. If they get Republican govs and legislatures, maybe not. But as long as they are ruled by Dems, I do expect them to do anything they can to avoid sullying their Blue ideological credentials. When one’s entire sense of self is bound up in ideological tropes, giving them up is almost impossible. I hold out no hope that they will do the political equivalent a Javier suicide soon enough to do the nation any good.

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