Luddite Regulators Holding Back Transportation Revolution
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  • Andrew Allison

    Referring to the vehicles as “driveless” will inhibit their adoption. Please note from the photo what Google, correctly, calls these vehicles.

  • Fat_Man

    Actually I see driverless cars on the highway all the time. To be sure there are people behind the steering wheels of the car, but they are talking on the phone, applying make-up, eating lunch, reading newspapers, texting, etc., etc.

    Having a computer drive their cars would be a big step forward.

  • robertmeerdahl

    when i remember what happened to Toyota with the Level One Hysteria about sudden acceleration, on the basis of pretty much nothing, I wonder what will happen after a couple of accidents involving self-driving cars

  • rheddles

    I wonder if the Teamsters were involved in the NHTSA decision. Driverless trucks are a much bigger deal than driverless cars. Will driverless trucks be required to rest after 11 hours at the wheel?

  • Rathore

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