Gasland II: Muddying a Fractured Debate
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  • Jim__L

    “And there is a lot of noise: Gasland II is chock-full of errors and falsehoods. Some might be unintentional (Fox readily admits that he’s a “theater guy,” not an engineer or chemist)”

    This is why you don’t let the theater guy do the writing, (leave that to the engineers and chemists) just the producing.

    It’s too easy to turn a documentary into a work of politically-motivated fiction, otherwise.

  • Kavanna

    Michael Moore all over again. Vague connection to facts, lots of left-ish fantasizing, ignorant.

  • Diana Cowdry

    So, since when did being conservative mean you flushed your brain down the toilet? I’m conservative. I don’t believe in big government. I also don’t trust these oil companies so far as I can through them. Any one who buys into to this paid for Jamie Horgan “news” journalism is a complete idiot. Jim- RE:”chock-full of errors and falsehoods” … The only people who come up with “errors and falsehoods” are people the oil people pay to and the idiots that parrot that nonsense forward.

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