Why Surfing Instead of College is a Good Idea
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  • johngbarker

    ” . . .the economic benefits of getting a degree still stand…” True, but the variance in income among particular degrees has changed dramatically in recent years. Let the buyer beware!

    • Joseph Blieu

      You are very correct. I am always amazed when Universities that are supposed to exhibit sophisticated thinking claim that the average graduate benefits when it is only certain strata of graduates that benefit. And other strata that are definitely not benefitting.

  • Andrew Allison

    If ” . . . the economic benefits of getting a degree still stand. . .”, why is it that so many holders are un- or under-employed? VM has argued persuasively, as recently as today, that most of today’s jobs are in areas which require vocational training rather than a degree. An Associate Degree in something which is actually in demand may very well, in addition to incurring much less debt, result in higher lifetime earnings than, e.g. a humanities degree.

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