The Egyptian Military’s Delicate Balancing Act
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  • rheddles

    Egypt makes California and Illinois appear fiscally sound. There is only one solution for the
    Egyptians and that is alms from Saudi Arabia, not the pittance Western liberals will provide with unmeetable strings attached. The Sauds hate the MB as it is a threat to their regime. So their quid pro quo for aid will be the suppression of the MB. It will be suppressed. Order will be restored, for now. Attention will return to Syria in the war between Shia and Sunni. And then the entropy of hunger will reduce order. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • bigfire

    Egyptian Islamists (such as Muslim Brotherhood) went out of their way to kill the country’s ONLY viable hard currency earner, Tourism because it’s a sinful enterprise. Other than getting donation from various country, they don’t appear to have any other sustainable industry.

    Yes, we California can learn from this and do our utmost to destroy our state, like the Egyptian.

  • wigwag

    According to the Washington Post, the Muslim Brotherhood is now claiming that Egypt’s new interim President is secretly Jewish.


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