Poor Getting Hosed in Student Loan Bubble
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  • Anthony

    Fleecing the poor and unprepared represents nothing new in America: P.T. Barnum’s a sucker is born every minute and never give a sucker an even break” yet appears operational among some levels of society.

  • Peakview

    It is not because the US is too vast and diverse. This is a fallacy. It is because top-down command control can not react to changes swiftly, never has enough information, and doesn’t recognize that the same goal can be achieved in different ways. A small company will run into the same issues. Everyone here knows a successful businessperson whose company never grew past the point where they could personally manage the entire business.
    It can work in certain places at certain times for certain periods, but is, in general, a poor way to run anything and the main reason against big government in most any form.

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