Obamacare Succeeds or Fails on This One Number
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  • Stacy Garvey

    And you trust the math of the CBO and HHS? Really? No, it’s another arbitrary number pulled out of someone’s a**. They’ll fudge and fudge and fudge again, until it “works”. All the time, costs will be increasing.

    • rheddles

      And they will turn it into demand for single payer. Whatever it is.

  • AnnSaltzafrazz

    So, 7 million people are about to take a $300/month hit to their income. And the economic impact of this on the economy will be??? It will suck 25 Billion out of the hands of individuals (in the heavily desired young, free-spending demographic) and hand it over to the healthcare establishment.

  • ljgude

    I just sit here enjoying my popcorn watching the fun. When you start with US healthcare costing 17.5% of GDP and Switzerland’s similar private insurance based system running at 11%, worrying over some threshold of people taking up insurance is like rearranging those well known deck chairs. There is just no way the country can sustain that high a percentage of its GDP going to healthcare. I think the new system is very likely not make its thresholds and that fudging on a grand scale will take place but eventually the system will not work. In Australia we pit the private and public systems against each other. If access to the private system through insurance becomes too expensive – I pay $2000 a year for example – then people drop their insurance and rely on the public system. If the waiting lists get too long in the public system people take out private insurance. It is obviously more complicated than that and there are problems here too, but as long as i am not subject to it, the US medical system, despite its excellent medicine, is an entertaining schlimazel.

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