Now Gaia Is Just Messing With Us
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  • JDogg Snook

    Curious- “That cools the ocean below and affects other weather patterns in a way that makes it less likely hurricanes will form.”

    Last time I checked, there was no theortical nor observations evidence to suggest that sea-surface temperature has any correlation to the number of hurricanes that form. He must mean the “other weather patterns” — e.g. El/La Nino(a) that affects shearing winds — that does influence hurricane formation.

  • Corlyss

    “Now we’re finding out that in doing so, we’ve made more hurricanes.”
    “We” don’t make hurricanes. We don’t have that much impact on massive planetary systems. It’s not Gaia messing with us; it’s the usual suspects trying another tack to convince us that science really can demonstrate negative human impacts on planetary scales, ergo humans really can positively affect the same forces on a massive scale if only we hold hands and chant the appropriate drivel.
    Don’t be so darn gullible when these stories pop up. We’re going to continue to see them while the “junk science” industry tries desperately to recover from the body blows their own arrogance, stupidity, and greed delivered to their cause.

  • ljgude

    Yeah, my junk science meter is way over in the red too.

  • Jim__L

    Child-rearing, education, nutrition — there are any number of multivariable systems humans have to deal with that, beyond a certain level, are so complex that most of our coherent attempts to deal with them boil down to fads that are effective in some cases and hardly applicable in others.

    It looks like “climate” falls into that category.

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