Sunni Powers Mobilize to Confront Iran-Hezbollah Axis in Syria
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  • Lyle7

    I don’t see how this part of the world can’t move on from itself without some kind of great destabilization.

    The American Civil War was ugly and nasty too. Neither side, Sunni or Shia is right though.

    Although the Shia may have more secularists in their midst or around them (the large secular groups in both Iran and Lebanon, and in the diaspora).

  • Anstaf

    OMG! Next thing you know, they might even like, you know, try overtly cooperating with the Zionist entity! LOL.

    (Yes, that was tongue-in-cheek.)

    • If we stick with the 30 Years War analogy, I could see how Israel may end up (ironically) taking the role of the Ottoman Turks in that one.

  • jeburke

    As I posted once before, I’m for volunteering to hold their coats while they take out Assad. The principal Sunni powers in the region have powerful combined air forces that boast a total of 1500 attack aircraft, including hundreds of advanced F-16s and F-15s, so they should be able to make quick work of imposing a no-fly zone. Operating through Jordan and Turkey, the Sunni states should be able to mount a nifty ground invasion, powered by Turkish, Egyptian and Jordanian tanks.

  • ljgude

    Yes, the possibilities for a general conflagration seem considerably enhanced. What has happened to the brave new democrats of Tahrir square? Gone, like the boys of summer. And the moderate Muslim Brothers? Vanished like the snows of yesteryear.

  • bpuharic

    There’s still no ‘there’ there. Sunni/Shia civil conflicts are perpetual and our lack of intervention will have no effect. What’s in it for us to intervene? Do you REALLY think we’re going to produce a democratic moderate Muslim state? If it’s failed in Turkey there’s no reason to think it’ll work in Syria.

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