The Cost of National Health Care: 16 Dead, and a Cover-up
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  • wigwag

    This Via Meadia post isn’t ready for prime time. People of good will can disagree about whether a single payer system is a good idea or a bad idea (in my opinion it’s a bad idea) but the idea that medical disasters at Furness Hospital in the U.K. tells us anything about how medical care should be paid for in the United States is silly to the point of being ridiculous.

    We don’t have single payer for obstetric care in the United States and we never have. Can Via Meadia possibly believe it wouldn’t be just as easy to find medical malpractice in the obstetric wards of American hospitals under our current system as it is to find horror stories in British hospitals under their single payer system?

    Even more absurd is Via Meadia’s attempt to connect medical malpractice at a relatively obscure British hospital with the IRS scandal and the rest of the faux scandals that the media was promoting a few weeks ago and have already been largely forgotten.

    Finally, Via Media’s suggestion that we seem to be headed towards single payer in the United States is evidence of seriously muddled thinking. Whatever Obamacare is, it’s not single payer.

    Anyone who wants single payer to succeed should work against Obamacare. If Republicans are successful at sabatoging Obamacare, there’s no chance we will go back to the previous system. Instead the next stop might be Obamacare. If it happens, Republicans will have no one but themselves to blame.

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