Argentina to Drug Lords: Money Wanted, No Questions Asked
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  • BobSykes

    Stop blaming the Peronistas et al. Argentina’s problems are created by the stupidity and greed of its people. The people are not the victims, they are the transgressors. There is no solution to Argentina’s problems given its current population.

  • bpuharic

    Could be worse. They could have our crop of hedgefund managers…then they’d really have problems

  • lukelea

    The Argentines lost control of their country when they lost control of their immigration numbers a century ago, according to one theory I recently read about (and linked to here if I remember). There is apparently such a thing as having too big of an influx of foreign born persons into a country in too short of a period of time. It can tip the balance of political power in a democracy, leading down a road from which evidently there is no return. The “Sicilianization” of a country would be one way to describe it. I’m not sure if this theory is true but I think it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand either. There might be some lessons to learn.

  • One could write the closing paragraph virtually unchanged about America. The idea that anything will change in the long run without throwing Dewey out of “Schools of Education,” is of course absurd. And accepting into teaching our dumbest college students (lowest SATs) is equally an existential failure.

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