IMF to Greece: Oops, Our Bad!
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  • Ghenghis john

    The Greek position: if you don’t keep loaning us money to spend irresponsibly, we will consider this “austerity” and eventually default, destroying the banking system.

    If the Greek argument sounds foreign, consider that it is precisely the same argument Obama used for raising the debt ceiling.

  • Pete

    The Greeks (and others) seem to think that they are entitled to the same lifestyle as the producer nations just because they call themselves “Europeans.”

    They can’t get it through their heads that there is a direct correlation between wealth and the effort to produce it.

    Could the Greeks actually believe that make-work government jobs many of them held were actually contributing to the wealth making capacity of their country????

  • Andrew Allison

    I’m confused. The IMF confesses that things were worse than it appeared, and the Greeks are crying foul?

  • ljgude

    It is indeed confusing, probably because the Greek perspective is hard to understand from America where the correlation between effort and wealth is everywhere and always perfect. Er…well, at least the ways the rules determining who wins and who loses are bent in a quite different ways in these two monuments to democracy.

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