Will “Tax-Free Zones” Boost New York’s Economy?
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  • bpuharic

    I’m not sure what the term ‘blue social model is a recipe for decline’ means. Are we to be happy the US, under the ‘red’ social model, is becoming a 3rd world country with political, financial and economic power concentrated in a plutocratic elite? That the strength of the nation, inherent in social mobility, is a thing of the past?

    Trickle down is an abject failure. It doesn’t work. I don’t know how to be more blunt than that. We slashed taxes on the elites and the recession of 2007 was the result. We gutted financial growth for the middle class and permanent weak demand was the result. That’s the ‘red’ social model.

    And it’s a failure.

    • Paul

      As a statistician I have had a lifelong struggle in determination of cause and effect and it is invariably difficult and hard to prove. I am happy it is so easy for you.

      • bpuharic

        One of the reasons we physical chemists have made progress while you statisticians still struggle to find out if paying people more incentivizes work, I guess.

  • wigwag

    If Governor Cuomo wants to improve the upstate economy, wouldn’t it be a better idea for his administration to stop hindering fracking in New York’s portion of the Marcellus Formation?

    Upstate New York has been left out of the fracking boom because Cuomo’s Department of Environmental Protection refuses to issue regulations that will regulate how and where companies can frack.

    The ironic thing is that companies that want to drill upstate would be delighted to pay New York’s high taxes if only they would be permitted to extract New York’s gas resources.

  • charris208

    This reminds me of the Kaesong
    Industrial Region
    in North Korea. I don’t think the
    similarity is fortuitous, similar circumstances lead to similar

  • TheCynical1

    It may be just too hard for Blue Folks to concede their unicorns and rainbows. They prefer to think the rest of us want a third-world America ruled by plutocratic elites (see one of the comments), so why would they ever take us seriously.

    • bpuharic

      In the spirit of the “De Profundis”, one waits like a watchman waits for the dawn, for a red state policy that has as a goal the growth of middle class wages, vs the standard trickle down mythology we’ve been fed for 30 years.

  • USNK2

    Property taxes in every New York county outside of NYC are so high, often higher than the mortgage payment, because of New York’s expansive Medicaid.
    So, why would any business be duped into a temporary waiver, knowing that ACA only increases Medicaid participation.

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