Feds Set Guidelines for Driverless Cars
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  • Mark Sizer

    Except for the fact that the Feds are idiots.

    [self-driving cars] should have the capability of detecting that their automated vehicle technologies have malfunctioned “and informing the driver in a way that enables the driver to regain proper control of the vehicle.”

    Yeah. Right. Human reaction time is – at the very best – just under a half second. Given that the human will not be paying attention (if you are, why do you have an automated car?), that means several seconds – an eternity in computer time – before the driver can take control.

    There is no way that an automated system will know that is going fail 3 seconds in the future. It’s going to fail at the time of the problem.

    “Excuse me, sir, but I’ve detected there is nothing under the wheels. Please take over,” as you’re soaring over an embankment is not helpful.

    These systems are going to be risky, at first. No amount of regulation – short of banning them completely – is going to help. How many people died due to blow-outs before steel belted radial tires were invented?

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