Bitter Enemies Join Forces to Spare Pentagon Deep Cuts
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  • ojfl

    That is why we need more principled politicians but that require more a principled electorate, an electorate not so concerned about “bringing home the bacon” but the welfare of the entire country. Hard decisions need to be made and if that means losing some federal spending in the districts so the country gets better, so be it.

  • Daniel Nylen

    The potential gains from “fraud and waste” are normally found to be an illusion. Rarely, if ever, have any gains from fraud and waste been realized in government spending. It might be the lack of incentives, but is more likely over-optimistic estimates of waste. Government contracting (my legal specialty) is complex with thousands of rules that seem to spend $3 to ensure $1 is not wasted to fraud. Separate accounting systems, audits, certifications, etc. all cost a tremendous overhead that government contractors pay and pass on to the taypayer. Perhaps duplicative services don’t make sense to an auditor, but having more than one supply line to ensure availability of critical parts to support combat isn’t waste, it is neccessary in a war.
    Duirng the recent conflict, large amounts of funds were spent quickly with an emphasis on results and speed. Contractors ran the post offices, fed the troops, did their laundry and a host of other services to keep more of the military actually fighting. Even trucking through potentially dangerous territory was often contracted out. Lots of money was spent, and this stream will now be substantially reduced. These savings appear to have already been claimed several times over by both politcal parties through several budgets.
    IMHO, any study that discusses large savings from fraud and abuse, discredits itself and paints that discredit across the rest of its results.

  • Steve Gerow

    Do-nothing Congress is a feature not a bug when it comes to thwarting the Democrats’ transformational, soft-tyrannical agenda.

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