African Union to UN: International Criminal Court Is Racist
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  • wigwag

    Fundamentally the Africans are right; the ICC is a racist organization. Apparently the Court thinks that its jurisdiction applies to Africans while the rest of the world laughs in its face. What tyrant in Africa has committed worse crimes than Putin and his Generals leveled Chechnya?

    It’s not the weak states in Africa that Professor Mead points to which provide the real rationale for the ICC or pleas to obey “international law,” it’s the weak states in Europe.

    The ICC was created at the behest of Europe and the pleas to empower international tribunals and multilateral organizations mostly comes from Europe. As European military expenditures plummet and as its ability to project

    • Corlyss

      “Apparently the Court thinks that its jurisdiction applies to Africans while the rest of the world laughs in its face.”

      They would nail GW Bush in a heart beat if they could get their hands on him. Remember, the ICC was as dead as a doornail, not even realized or staffed, until the thought of hauling Bush and Rumsfeld up to answer for “crimes” in Iraq animated the do-gooders in the Hague. They’re only practicing on African butchers until they can get their hands on Bush and Rumsfeld. It’s a despicable organization and never should have been created. But then I think that of the European Parliament, the European Union, and the UN. They all are totally without democratic political credibility. Viva UKIP!

  • ojfl

    I think this and other events only show that the UN no longer serves its purposes and needs to be thoroughly reformed and debated. We however do not have the US and Europe leading the charge for reform, as well as of other international entities such as the IMF and the World Bank. Too bad.

  • Anthony

    “Only weaklings and losers go to the ICC for trail, and given that African states tend to be weak, poor, dependent on foreign aid and rich in human rights abuses….” The aforementioned tends to some it up, whether AU charges are serious or not.

  • Corlyss

    “This shows something is flawed within the system of the ICC and we object to that,” he said.

    Gee. And here I thought it was because we had almost universal agreement on the fact that after centuries of civilization imposed by colonial powers, after those powers departed, the Africans have reverted to stone-age savagery and butchery which EVEN the culturally dissolute West could identify as intolerable.

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