Memorial Day 2013
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  • ljgude

    Well said. When I walk the Confederate line at Gettysburg, I, a New Hampshire man notice that those men were heroes too. That is the even more solemn nature of Civil War, where ‘the other’is your own kith and kin. Still, soldiers who survive, sometimes in the fullness of time, come to a feeling of respect for their former foes. Some don’t. I am recalling listening to a WW2 vet who was dying of cancer at the time wondering if his being posted to Nagasaki at end of the war had been the cause of his disease. He recounted how he had not slept in a bed all the ensuing years only being able to sleep sitting up in a chair and that he had never been able to forgive the Japanese he had fought against. He didn’t ask for or receive pity from me or from the Vietnam vet who listened with me. There was only sadness and respect. Thank you for a great post.

  • Anthony

    “we have not done our duty by them if we simply bewail their deaths and move on…” Well said WRM and thanks.

  • gs

    Draftees, also, answered the call, usually did their duty to the best of their ability, and sometimes paid the ultimate price.

  • chilloutyo

    Memorial Day is for appreciating those who fought against the enemies of freedom. The tea parties are continuing that tradition by fighting the progressives in the Republican and Democrat Parties. (Also posted at Breitbart).

  • jeburke

    Amen. Courage is the first virtue that makes all the other virtues possible.

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