As the US Naps, China Doubles Down on Caribbean Policy
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  • Anthony

    Interesting take WRM from both regional policy point of view and potential global developments via China.

  • jeburke

    Well, we have one kind of engagement with the region that China won’t be making. There will be no hoards of dirt poor refugees from the DR, Haiti and Panama welcomed to Beijing anytime soon.

    • douginsd

      I don’t think there are many dirt-poor refugees from Panama right now. GDP growth was over 10% in 2012 due to the canal expansion and other construction projects.

  • Corlyss

    “Chinese interest and investment in the Caribbean is not all bad from an American point of view.”
    Surely WRM is havin’ us on. The Chinese are not interested in stability because they’ve decided to assume the international role the world has been trying to thrust them into for the last 40 years. They’re interested in military installations, most likely naval and they need “someone they can deal with” in each of those blighted tropical cesspools.

  • Jim Luebke

    How much longer could Castroism last in Cuba, given another Great Power patron like China?

  • How about they take on Haiti.

  • tombeebe

    Brilliance at State; and she wants to be President!

  • douginsd

    The biggest interest for China is to pry away all the small Central American and Caribbean countries that recognize Taiwan vs. the PRC:

    Central and South America, and Caribbean Community (12 states)
    Belize* (1989)
    Dominican Republic* (1957)
    El Salvador* (1961)
    Guatemala* (1960)
    Haiti* (1956)
    Honduras* (1965)
    Nicaragua* (1962–1985,1990)
    Panama* (1909)
    Paraguay* (1957)
    Saint Kitts and Nevis* (1983)
    Saint Lucia (1984–1997, 2007)
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1981)

    Of these, all can potentially be flipped. Panama would be more complicated, because of huge trade and investment by both Taipei and the PRC. For instance, Hutchison Whampoa does run some of the major ports, while both Evergreen and Cosco push a lot of tonnage through the canal.

    If the PRC is successful, the number of countries that recognize Taiwan would be cut in half, to as few as a dozen, with small populations, midget economies, and almost insignificant strategic value.

  • The game of GO continues.
    One day China will flip over all her chips and…………….?

  • gs

    How far back does the neglect go? It might have started with the Bush 41 administration. I remember being exasperated while GWB did nothing useful to prevent Chavez from consolidating his power.

    • Steve Neely

      Bush did it!

  • DvoraChesed

    As they do in all matters domestic, if a foreign policy will put America at a disadvantage count on the 0bama Regime to pursue it.

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