The Steady Decline of US Popularity in Egypt
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  • jeburke

    Well, my confidence in Egypt and Egyptians (never high, admittedly) has plummeted since 2009. So we’re even.

  • Corlyss

    So much for leading from behind. Now we got an Egyptian government we can’t control even with money and a population that the Egyptian government can’t control.

  • Anthony

    Does Professor Mead have any idea for how to improve this situation? Apparently not, which is understandable, considering how hopeless it seems to be.

  • Jim Luebke

    What? You mean the Cairo speech and the Tahrir Square demonstrations weren’t all it takes to make Egypt a democratic utopia?

    What fools these liberals be…

    Tell me, is our humanitarian aid contingent on their having a government we like? (That probably wouldn’t help us with the population in general, if that’s a goal.) Alternatively, are we doing anything to prevent nastiness to the Copts and other minorities in the country?

    Or are we just failing to prioritize any goal, and putting up with across-the-board disaster as a result?

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