ACA Supporters Bask in the Glow of an Obamacare Victory
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  • Anthony

    I am confused about ACA: its implementation, provisions, funding, exchanges, medical access, and coverages. Summary please.

    • Jim Luebke

      Welcome to the club, Anthony.

      I don’t think anyone can summarize that multi-thousand-page monstrosity.

  • jeburke

    I truly hope matters turn out this way. However, I must point out that this is a press release, not an “Obamacare victory.” Having played a part in issuing blizzards of press releases, including many for government agencies and politicians, I’d be cautious about calling “victory.” These are estimates of what may be a year from now. Don’t be surprised if the premiums on actual policies issued turn out to be higher.

  • Corlyss

    Next week’s headlines: Milliman report fraudulent.

  • ojfl

    But that does not mean this is cheaper. We have to have in mind that the cheaper plans currently in existence will disappear. Also the plans that will be offered are currently higher than equivalent plans. So they may be claiming victory but the total expenditure will increase from day one.

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