"Liberal" Think Tank Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar
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  • Off Topic (or maybe not) but there is now legislation making its way through Congress which is projected to triple the rate of legal immigration into the United State to roughly three million persons annually. Almost all the press attention so far has been on the fate of the estimated eleven million illegals already in the country. Why doesn’t Via Meadia ever write about the much larger issue of legal immigration and the way it impacts many of his favorite concerns?


    • Corlyss

      Thanks for the tip, Luke. I hadn’t heard anything about the 3 million either and I thought I followed the immigration story fairly closely.

  • Anthony

    “There is no actual or potential social or political basis in America for genuinely anti-capitalist politics.” Is that really, for all intents and purposes, design of American Left (whatever that actually means)? Is implication WRM that Left views capitalism as unique source of personal and institutionalized maladies plaguing many Americans?

  • Corlyss

    “The Nation get big points for sticking to principles . . . ”

    I am skeptical it has any principles except the destruction of conservatives. If only conservatives knew how to fight like Prog. trolls, it might be a fair fight.

    “There is no actual or potential social or political basis in America for genuinely anti-capitalist politics.”

    Perhaps, but what basis there is will have to do until the real thing comes along. There’s more than enough petty self-pitying whining coming from the greedy middle class quite prepared to throw over any virtue, any skepticism of government, in order to get help from the government rather than rely on its own instincts and innate ability. I believe reluctantly that we’re past the tipping point of takers vs. producers.

  • Jim Luebke

    “The Left doesn’t pose a serious threat to the broad contours of the capitalist system in the US; the Constitution and public sentiment block any real shift in American politics away from liberal market capitalism.”

    Wait, what?

    1) The Leftist interpretation of the concepts like the Commerce Clause and “penumbras” is “the Federal Government can pass any law it likes”. This makes the Constitution no bar to serious attacks on a market system.

    2) Public sentiment had a chance to oust Obama in 2012, and didn’t manage to take the opportunity. The MSM’s hold on Public Sentiment is weakening, but it’s hard to say whether the economic despair caused by the lack of a rebound (that lack caused by Obama’s policies) will establish a dependent class so deeply that we’ll turn Eurosocialist despite the glaring examples of failure we’re seeing across the pond now.

    I’m not going to say that The Nation’s point of view is in any way inevitable; I’m just saying that the defenses against Eurosocialism and collapse in America aren’t invincible either. It’s going to take some serious work to clear out the recent mess of laws undermining America’s entrepreneurial heritage, and yet more work to preserve it against the importuning of the something-for-nothing mindset.

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