Sex Scandal Suppressed by Blue Machine in New York
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  • The big boys can take care of themselves.

  • bigfire

    Forget it Walter, it’s Albany.

  • Anthony

    Oh yeah Mead. Of course things like this never happen in red states.

    Check this out. Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert basically comes out and accuses – as if this were some kind of big time offense – Obama of being a muslim. The crowd cheers. Where’s Professor Mead’s indignant rage!

    • Anthony

      At his best – which is pretty often – Professor Mead is a sharp social critic, and his articles on the future of the developed world in a post industrial economy are an outstanding contribution to our national conversation. But pieces like this make him look less like a top tier public intellectual and more like a talk radio hack.

    • Tom

      Let’s see here: In Arkansas, a blowhard rants.
      In New York, a lecher uses his political position to avoid being held accountable for his lechery.
      Why yes, these are totally the same thing.

  • Anthony

    WRM, soft topics give everybody opportunies to sound off under any name – regresion to mean perhaps.

  • Jim Luebke

    Silver was just defending the freedom and independence of these individuals! The Mighty Mississippi of Individuality is sweeping away all old-fashioned limits on behavior. Why should anyone stand in the way?

    Who is he to judge?

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