Obama’s "Reset" with Muslims: A Policy in Ruins
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  • Corlyss

    There’s no pivot to Asia.

    Our Russian policy is more like a joke on us.
    The “good war” in Afghanistan wasn’t fought after all and we’re injuring ourselves in our haste to exit while the administration can still pretend that that was the war they intended to fight all along.

    And the middle east which the administration regards as an expensive and unrewarding tar baby that it simply can’t shake despite its best efforts to abandon wholesale while yammering the rhetoric of thoughtful engagement simply gets worse by the nanosecond.

    Perhaps I’m being premature. There’s probably yet uncounted nations, esp. former allies, that we could tick off and turn into enemies, but I’m prepared to judge this administration as the most incompetent of the last 3 experiments with Democratic “leadership.” I just wish Americans in general valued national security and international relations as importantly as I do when it comes to picking presidents. As long as the electorate keeps experimenting with Democrats, this is the kind of result we’re going to get.

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