30,000 Metro-North Commuters Wish They Could Telework This Week
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  • Most of them are. Volume is down ~80% on MetroNorth, but they didn’t all taking to the highways, where volume was similar to normal, based on my commute this morning.

    “The governor said in the conference call that train usage is down 81% today, although traffic patterns remain normal.”


  • dmoelling

    As a hard pressed CT taxpayer, anything we can do to reduce my subsidy of finance guys commuting to Manhattan is good. Sorry but my gas tax pays for I95 and shouldn’t be diverted to railroads that are run better privately (There are many new branch line companies forming now).

    The Amtrak service is beaten by new buslines (Megabus and Bolt) on price and astonishingly speed.

  • skhpcola

    These NE liberals kvetch about subsidies continually, but 30,000 of them (in this story only) are on transportation welfare from the rest of us. Amtrak is a leech and a sop to elitist leftists. Shut it down, or charge a fare that covers the actual price of the ride.

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