Horror Stories from the Place Formerly Known as Syria
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  • Bob_from_Ohio

    The chaos in Syria is very much in the US interest. Israel’s too.

    Our enemies are killing each other. Its all good.

    • Fred

      _Our enemies are killing each other. Its all good._

      Yes, but a broad war in the Middle East that destroys some percentage of oil production and interferes with oil distribution is not. I don’t much care if those savages kill each other. It’s not only what they do best; it’s the only thing they do well. But I do mind the economic consequences of an oil shutoff, even a partial one.

  • “A serious attempt to shorten the war and help the rebels prevail at an early stage in the conflict” is what the US and European allies did in Libya. Yet you don’t seem very supportive of the Libya action.

    Now one may say that US intervention was required in both cases; or not justified in either. However if the US had to pick one, Libya was by far the best prospect. It didn’t turn out perfectly, of course; but an intervention in Syria would have been far worse, and less feasible because of Russian veto.

  • When you look at things from a broad, historical view, the obvious solution is the one thing that would never happen: a Pax Judea.

    • Jim Luebke

      Consider for a moment how small and isolated Israel is, and how large a swath of territory and how large a population we’re talking about — Morocco to Pakistan, really, at least a billion people. How would such a small country keep the peace over so many larger ones?

      I suppose divide-and-rule would work; you could keep them in a constant state of disorder bordering on civil war, reduce their technology to pre-Renaissance levels (or at least well away from the state-of-the-art), and impoverish their citizens so that they were incapable of any kind of effective action either on their own behalf or against their opponents.

      However, as a deliberate policy, that would be absolutely inhuman — something which someone as humane as our host could never support.

  • “Endless American dithering over what to do in Syria has produced an endless war”.

    Whereas in Iraq, where we intervened with great energy, there is also endless civil war.

  • Let’s see, ten years in Iraq and we get ethnic chaos. Zero time in Syria and we get ethnic chaos. A few months in Libya and we get ethnic chaos next door and maybe in Libya also. What’s the magic number?

    I don’t know about everybody else but I’m for keeping the king of Jordan in power no matter what, at least for the foreseeable future.

  • Kevin

    Lordy – Via Media wishes we had done in in Syria what we did in Libya…but decries what we did Libya.

    The SOF agreement in Iraq was put in place by Bush and when Obama went to negotiate final status Iraq wouldn’t give us immunity from prosecution…so we left (at their request).

    I know I know Obama’s Wilsonianism is bad and you wish he’d be a little like what? an incompetent neoconservative (a la Bush)?

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