Gosnell: The Killer Had Help
Published on: May 15, 2013
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  • Cory Atkin

    I guess the Bible was right after all. We really are fallen creatures (barbarians by birth, civilized by choice).

    Our consciences lead us to be civilized, but those can be so easily overridden through the use of drugs or high doses of ideology (the most powerful conscience altering substance known to man). Modern liberalism is a pretty potent ideology right now.

    The original liberal thinkers had it right. Life, liberty and property are the foundations of freedom. The further you stray from those basic principles, the uglier it gets.

  • Nonetheless, the crusade for “choice” and “reproductive freedom” marches on. Witness Governor Cuomo’s proposed “reform” that would allow any and all late-term abortions, even in the ninth month, and even enable other health care providers besides doctors to perform them. For most New York Democrats, support for this change is regarded as an admirable demonstration of their “progressivism” and a challenge to those reactionaries waging a war on women.

  • Marty Keller

    As always, arguments over the specific issue hide the deeper, more disturbing trend. Abortions should be rare, safe, and regulated through existing medical boards. But the insistence of the “pro-choice” faction on unrestricted abortion on demand is but a plank in the “progressive” platform of subversion of the central American commitment to individual life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Its covering up of and excusing personal irresponsibility while condoning the careless ending of prenatal life makes it just the postmodern version of vile eugenics crusade that was part and parcel of the original “progressive” movement.

    And what are the “progressives” after? State control of all facets of human behavior. Whether the particular issue has merit, like climate change, or is frivolous, like the obesity “epidemic,” the Left uses them all uniformly to promote its evil Utopian eschatology. The tactics always involve sidetracking their opponents into angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin arguments that deflect us away from the central issue.

    Prof. Mead’s identification of the blue social model has done a great service in assisting adherents to the original great classical liberal ideas that animated America’s founding. Let us tie all “progressive” arguments to how they are designed to prop up this impossible dream, while focusing on what classical liberalism 5.0 should embody.

  • What surprises is that minority communities don’t feel any compunction about the rates at which minority women get abortions. In other contexts, this rate of abortion in minority communities would be called “genocide,” but since it operates by personal choice and they’re doing it to themselves, it’s okay.

    • quodverum

      Which minority communities are those? The ones effectively destroyed by one of the cards in the deck held by the “Democrats” in government during the 1960’s? In their game to “fundamentally transform” the way the game is played?
      One card played by LB Johnson as Ace Trump of “The Great Society.Which effectively “fundamentally transformed” the most susceptible to the desired Changes. With carte blanche to minorities of both sexes to forego parental responsibility from seed to care. Such care and responsibility to be taken over by the “larger communit” aka State and Federal GOVERNMENT.
      “For their Good” And as pilot if successful for others in other groups.
      . Et voila …

      • “Which minority communities are those?”
        Blacks and Latinos

  • I wish I’d been a fly on the wall when Gosnell and his attorney were discussing litigation strategy. I was surprised that they opted for the Gerry Spence defense and then that Gosnell folded like a cheap suit in the face of his conviction. I expected him to fight all the way to the Supremes.

    Has anyone heard or read anything about the calculations in those decisions?

  • kenroyall

    For the life of me I don’t know why someone hasn’t demanded that Ridge and Rendell explain themselves. They both have blood on their hands.

  • M_Becker

    What Gosnell did is not one whit different from what Saint Tiller did every day. Or different that what occurs in every abortion “clinic” across the nation on a daily basis.

  • JC

    Just imagine you are a liberal or conservative politician who has had a hand in opening a new maternity ward.. you’d be proud to have you photo taken in the gleaming white wards and cozying up to proud parents with gurgling baby. Why.. you’d probably come back quite a few more times with photographer in tow..

    Now imagine the same politician approving a new abortion “clinic”. Are you going there with photographer and cozying up to the might have been mothers, cooing over the fetal remains and slapping the aborting docs on the back?


    Then you might have just discovered why shabby abortion clinics can survive and prosper as you shovel responsibility and oversight as far down the food chain as possible.


  • quodverum

    Another example of “Trust Your government” ! AND “self – regulating professional groups”?
    Or example of the warnings to their children from mammas world-wide and time immemorial to not take candy from strangers. Or look a gift horse in the mouth? .
    Caveat emptor of strangers Groups and persons paid for taking control of “The Lives of Others”.? “Being good by doing good”..
    Any pedophile Christian/Catholic priests in these groups to really exercise Media and compassionate liberal groups. Those First at the teat of all loving as long as a favourite child of sex race ethnicity religion not yet disowned by mamma (and papa) government?
    Such as Planned Parenthood as another arm of government with massive sums of tax dollars into their coffers not to mention tax forgiveness as “Charity”.
    My my.

  • UMO74

    Compromise we must. Let’s allow elective abortion until 12 weeks gestation, performing the operation in a hospital setting. Further, we should allow abortion later in pregnancy if medically necessary. I recognize that what I propose will not satisfy either the left militant “choice” advocates, not the staunchly “pro-life” right, yet this puts abortion back in a controlled hospital setting, and, however inadequate, places restrictions on elective abortion. I find our current “abortion on demand” policy lacking any inquiry into the vexing philosophical questions such policy needs to address. Compromise we must.

  • Mid-term and late-term abortions should be banned with few exceptions. Abortion should not be used as contraception. Tax dollars should not be used to “council” women about abortions or provide abortions.

    I cannot help but conclude that the Gosnell horrors are the result of progressive social policies combined with political correctness.

    Doug Santo
    Pasadena, CA

  • Vanderbilt Commodore

    Professor Meade, your closing comments defy the logic of your entire post.

    “This blog does not believe in banning abortion or in inserting government bureaucrats into every sexual choice women (and men for that matter) make. But an industry in which this kind of behavior can go on for so long with so little effort by health regulators, politicians or whistleblowers to end the madness is sick unto death. Big changes must come, and come fast.”

    If you desire to see an end to what happened at Kermit Gosnell’s clinic, the sentiments you expressed about not interfering with “every sexual choice women make” is the energy behind the prochoice movement and is what energizes NARAL and Planned Parenthood. To see an end to what happened in Philadelphia, there will have to be further legal restrictions on abortion and that is the total opposite of what is happening under the current administration where the President says “God bless you Parenthood!” at the first time in our history a President has ever spoken at their annual dinner.

    Also, in your home state of New York, Governor Cuomo enthusiastically signed our nation’s most liberal abortion law allowing abortion on demand throughout the nine months of a pregnancy.

    Bottom line is that as long as abortion rights and specifically the “unfettered right of a woman to have an abortion” is the cornerstone of your party, the Democrats, the horror story of late term abortion will continue nationwide. There used to be a group called Democrats for Life, it seems like they are no longer in existence.

  • circleglider

    It’s shameful day when Via Media (or anyone else) attributes Kermit Gosnell to failed government regulation.

  • j011254

    Apparently the abortion industry needs as much regulation as the financial industry.

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