France Rejects American TV
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  • Philopoemen

    Looks like there are protectionist statists on both sides of the pond.

  • wigwag

    “The French Ministry of Culture has released a letter co-signed by 14 European culture ministers stating that television and audiovisual production must be excluded from any EU-US free trade talks.” (Via Meadia)

    Does the United States even have the equivalent of a “culture minister?” It seems to me that the Europeans must be pretty insecure about their cultural vitality if they view a trade agreement as a threat to their cultural heritage.

    The section of the letter that really cracked me up was this one,

    “To renounce the pursuit of political ambitions in favor of culture, including cinema and audiovisual, would be to renounce a part of the influence of Europe, depriving it on a powerful tool for growth and employment…”

    Yep; the best way to promote European economic growth and the creation of new jobs is to restrict trade in cinema and other audiovisual pursuits. That should solve Europe’s problems.

    Do these culture ministers have any idea how pathetic they are?

    • rheddles

      While pathetic is the right word, they do deserve our pity. Like the Islamists, their culture is, in historical terms, rapidly being overwhelmed by our uncontrolled, revolutionary culture. Unlike the Islamists they forebear violence. Like the Islamists they are willing to make the other members of their culture suffer economically to maintain their increasingly unattractive cultural purity. At least there are no legal guardians of American culture, whatever it may become and unattractive as it may be to many of us.

  • Fat_Man

    Does this mean that the French will no longer be able to buy old Jerry Lewis movies?

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