Colleges Paying the Price for Expensive Facilities
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  • wigwag

    Not only are these palatial university gym and health facilities white elephants, they’re taxpayer subsidized ripoffs of students. How about eschewing all the frills and lowering tuition? Who needs them anyway? In New York, you can join a Bally’s health club for $29.00 per month.

  • Anthony

    Colleges and Universities have viewed themselves as part of PublicTrust able to withstand change enveloping its product/mission; post 2008 disruption and disintermediation has brought on new reality but the world of higher education can be intransigent (perhaps at its own reckoning).

  • Lorenz Gude

    I remember arriving at Columbia in the fall of 1960 and there was considerable talk about the new student building. The ground floor was glass through which you could see the very Bauhaus student lounge. I got something out of it the night I heard some very abstract music being played there and realized that the music and the architecture were strongly related. But basically it was an architectural showpiece that left me unmoved and was an unattractive place to sit and study. There were pool tables in the basement. So I used it a few times but my main reaction was: So what? I am amused to learn that universities have been going hog wild with this sort of nonsense.

  • larryj8

    “But while everyone knows what these students did with their loans, it’s far less clear what the colleges are doing with all this money.”
    I’m not so sure we know what those students did with their loans. How many of them used student loans to finance spring break in Mexico, smart phones and other non-education related expenses? I suspect the number is quite large.

  • Jim Luebke

    I can’t help but be reminded of the Old Man of the Mountain, who had his recruits drugged and shown visions of paradise, to get them to obey him without question.

    The Credentialed Elite seems to be pursuing a variation on the same tactics, making college into one long party to make its indoctrination appealing.

    MOOCs can’t come online fast enough, to replace our rotten system.

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