Should Retirees Avoid Blue States?
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  • Yes…

    BUT… if the GOP can’t articulate that Dems, basically, are stuck by their programs and voters in the Industrial Age and CANNOT come out, things will not – CAN not change..

    BUT… If the GOP can’t articulate a forward-looking INFORMATION AGE vision for the tax code, immigration, the economy, education… there is NO difference between the parties other than whining…

    BUT… As long as the MSM pursues its meme of Malthus and Ludd, and this meme is NOT resisted intelligently, loudly and often by the GOP.. then the GOP really aren’t interested in anything but remaining the tax collectors for the Welfare state, are they?

    Perhaps it is time to focus on replacing the GOP as they continue not to grasp that the future is at stake while they play softball with a hardball opposition…

  • Anthony

    Quality of life, quality of life…. Take note.

  • USNK2

    Those of us who planned to retire are trapped in a still dismal housing crisis. But, nice to know where to go if we ever free ourselves from housing prison.

  • I’d like to know more about why Vermont made the list.

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