Are Israel and Turkey Trying to Scuttle US-Russia Plan on Syria?
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  • wigwag

    This is just one more example of the Obama Doctrine, “Leading from Behind” in action. Obama and Kerry are literally desperate to avoid doing anything in Syria at all. In their attempt to get Russia to take the lead they will do almost anything, including humiliating themselves and their country. I read on Elliot Abrams blog (Pressure Points) that Putin left Kerry waiting three hours before he would see him; according to Abrams, the point was to deliberately humiliate Kerry.

    If there is a bigger dolt in the American Government than John Kerry, I would like to know who it is.

    • “If there is a bigger dolt in the American Government than John Kerry, I would like to know who it is.”
      Valery Jarrett, to whom Obama has ceded virtually all the decision-making in the WH. The woman has never had a job on which she was held accountable. All she’s ever had are sinecures. The only thing she was any good at was backing Obama when he was less than a political nobody.

  • I didn’t have any hope for “the plan” to begin with. Look who the sponsors are. Two of the biggest leadership losers on the international scene today. I wish Israel and Turkey all the success possible if they are indeed trying to scupper “the plan.”

  • Jim Luebke

    So what could we get from Russia that’s worth crossing two regional powers we want good relations with?

  • Lorenz Gude

    Something seems wrong here to me. I suspect that what Putin did to Kerry is a key clue that there really isn’t much likelihood of meaningful cooperation between the US and Russia because they are still rivals. Russia, China, Iran etc are pretty solidly in the bloc that wants to reduce American power and I would expect only very limited cooperation based on very narrow areas of common interest. So I would discount the timing of Turkey and Israel acting because the cooperation really isn’t much of a threat to either country. Maybe I’m missing something here so I’ll take the possibility on board.

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