The Face of Fragmenting Europe
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  • Jim Luebke

    The United States only became United under “predator pressure” from European powers.

    Europe has no such motivation. Why should the peoples of Europe give up their sovereignty to foreigners with different values (different as Italy and Germany) just so the continent’s elites can gain more power and wealth?

  • Lorenz Gude

    Actually I think the percentages will have to get higher than that before the Euros force their tormenters to desist.

  • Stacy Garvey

    The Euros are going to keep struggling along from crisis to crisis because their elites will never give up the dream. They’ll enjoy, like Japan, a couple lost decades before they limp into obscurity or implode altogether. They just don’t possess the cultural energy to take on the kind of reforms necessary to either make the Euro work or let the project go. Rock meet hard place.

    • Pete

      Well said, Stacy.

      If Europe was a stock, I’d short it.

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